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The next generation of food has arrived

The plant based diet is an eating behavior that prioritizes plant based foods, which can eliminate or simply reduce the consumption of animal derived products.

The universe of consumers is increasingly segmented. Today, among omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans, we find a new consumer: the flexitarian.

This concept refers to those who, in their diet, reduce, but do not eliminate, the consumption of products of animal origin and replace them with products of vegetable origin. According to the Health and Nutrition survey from Euromonitor International, 22% of Latino consumers want to reduce their consumption of meat while 4% are vegetarian and 3% are vegan. That is, the consumption of meat is reduced but not eliminated from their diet. Something similar happens with dairy, where consumers are looking to replace milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, etc., with 100% plant based foods. Plant based products are present in all categories

of the food and beverage industry and it is the trend that has grown the most since 2018. It is here to stay and has established itself in the preferences of many consumers who want to reduce, but not necessarily eliminate the products of animal origin from their diet. The vegetable ingredients market is expected to grow 15% over the next 5 years, a change that was accelerated by the current Covid-19 pandemic. According to the Trends Observatory of market researcher Trendsity, sales of meat substitute products are estimated to have increased by 264% in a few weeks during quarantine. One of the main factors of this growth is health care, but the reduced environmental impact generated by the production of plant or alternative proteins, and its benefits for animal welfare and sustainability are also highlighted.

With experience and passion, Grupo Saporiti has been working to create healthier and tastier alternatives for the plant based food markets.

Plant Based:
the industry response

Faced with this new flexitarian consumer, the food industry has a new challenge: to develop foods that offer the same pleasure as the original by replacing ingredients of animal origin with ingredients of plant origin. The answer to this need is found on Plant Based products, which, strictly speaking, are those based on plant raw materials, but the world trend has been using this name for solutions that seek to reproduce a product of animal origin using exclusively vegetable sources.

With the arrival of Plant Based, new categories have appeared in the food industry, which are dairy alternatives and meat analogues. As well as the replacement of all ingredients of animal origin such as eggs, milk, animal proteins, fats, etc. in the formulation of various foods and beverages. Given these categories, it is necessary to find alternative sources of animal protein in the plant world, facing important obstacles such as bitter and intense flavors, sandy textures, functionality, and nutritional characteristics. To overcome this challenge, at Grupo Saporiti, we work on innovation and development of ingredients and processes that can reproduce the sensory characteristics of the original product, such as flavor, texture, color, and nutritional support.

Our Solutions


At Grupo Saporiti we have developed texture solutions for plant based meat analogues products.


At Grupo Saporiti we have developed solutions for the stabilization of plant based dairy products.


At Grupo Saporiti we have developed solutions for egg replacement in plant based baked goods.


At Grupo Saporiti we have developed texture and stabilization solutions for plant based ice cream.