Saporiti Group in the community

Sapority Group Sustentability actions

Saporiti defined that its actions aimed at corporate responsibility or social sustainability will focus on strengthen working culture through education and commitment to rebuild a positive relationship between the society and the value and wealth makers.



Our company is co-founder of Empujar Program, in Pleroma Foundation. Since 2013, the first Empujar Center has been operating at the Pilar Factory. A company network drove this initiative with youth of limited economical resources so that they can get their first formal job. Participants are trained for their personal development in different technical fields such as logistics, quality, lab techniques and health and safety at work. Trainees are assigned a Mentor who is a member of the company network, the mentor assists the young trainee in this training process and later in looking for a job. Values associated with working culture and effort, entrepreneurial culture, responsibility and solidarity are the basis of this program. More than 1.000 young trainees have passed through with successful results in labor inclusion.


  • We monthly contribute with supplies for Mi Rincón with the objective of improving production processes made by members of this workshop (psychologically challenged youth and adults).
  • We support Colegio Mano Amiga's labor to give limited resources children in the Pilar area the chance to receive academic excellence from Preschool till high school.
  • For many years now, we have been contributing to Fundación Integrar, aiming to create more fair and equal opportunities for youth interested in continuing their studies after finishing high school but facing economical difficulties.

Quality Assurance Policy and Food Safety


Downloading Quality Certificates

Saporiti S.A., as an ingredients, flavors and solutions supplier for the food and beverage industry is conscious of its importance in the food chain production. Therefore, Quality Assurance and Food Safety in ISO 9001 and FSSC22000 standards are implemented.

Particularly, in Saporiti S.A. we define our Quality Policy and Food Safety implementing the following premises:

  • We implement legal norms, customer's requirements and those established by the company to guarantee quality and food safety of the manufactured products.
  • We commit our effort to the quality and food safety of our developed products from their design and development, till their delivery to customers.
  • We have a competent staff, instructed about their responsibility regarding quality and food safety of the developed products of the company.
  • We establish goals and objectives that are frequently measured using management indicators being modified when necessary to ensure better and continuous improvement of the processes.
  • We keep this policy available and revised. We promote and keep sufficient, effective and convenient communication with our customers, employees, suppliers, authorities and other related to quality and food safety of our products.

Since established in 1927, Sapority S.A. maintains a continuous commitment with quality and food safety of its products and with the necessary effort to provide much better services to customers.

Ethics Policies

Our actions define us much better than our words

The way we act impacts on people, society and environment inside and outside the company. Defining and sharing a code of ethics is part of our effort to turn sustainable each one of our actions, transcending economical objectives, in order to build a legacy we expect to transmit to future generations.

We know that being transparent, responsible and respectful is essential to build long-term and trusty bonds allowing us to act in a sustainably and everlasting. Keeping all this in mind, we elaborated our Code of Professional Ethics, a guide framing bases and details on phow we want to advance and what the values that represent us are.

The present Professional Code of Ethics is aligned with the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) 1 and reunite criteria and concepts that guide our conduct and allow us to raise our professional standards in order to work with proficiency and commitment.

Working with professional ethics is essential for Saporiti to develop responsibly in its environment and a sustainable growing perspective. In conclusion, to specify and put into practice a Professional Code of Ethics allow to assure harmony among human, commercial and environmental interests, not only for us but also for our influence community and for the future.

Dr. Adrián Saporiti
President of Saporiti S.A.

Environmental Health and Safety

We all commit ourselves

The president and senior management are committed not only to the continuous management improvement, but also with health protection and employee safety, preservation of the condition of goods and environment protection.

This commitment is extended to all levels in the Saporiti Group by means of politics of environmental responsibility and health and safety management.

Environmental Health and Safety

  • CREATING a safe and healthy environment.
  • COMPLYING current regulations in matters of environmental health and safety and all those requirements considered by the company.
  • EVALUATING AND IDENTIFYING those activities that could have a negative impact on environmental health and safety; to prevent and/or minimize their consequences.PROMOTE continuous improvement by means of voluntary plans targeting objectives and environment aims.
  • RAISING AWARENESS about dangers, risks and potential environment impacts in every task adopting all necessary precautions to avoid them.
  • DEVELOPING and IMPLEMENTING training programs for all employees in environmental health and safety.
  • SUPPLYING the necessary resources for the faithful compliance of this policy.
  • COMMUNICATING this policy to employees, suppliers, contractors and whoever requires of it.

Dr. Adrián Saporiti
President of Saporiti S.A.